April 12, 2024

The IDG goes to Belgrade!

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This April, the IDG will visit Serbia for a number of game-related events.
Join us, in case you’re also in town (April 18 and 19)!

Here is a breakdown of what is happening:

>> APRIL 18: As a Tag-team, Prof. Stefano Gualeni and Dr. Costantino Oliva were invited to present their work in a game studies in a panel organized by FMK (Faculty of Media and Communication). More specifically, Stefano will talk about the conceptual use of games, and Costantino on the theme of ludomusicology. The event is free, and will take place at FMK (Karađorđeva 65, room 407) starting at 19.00.

>> APRIL 19: In the morning, Stefano will be leading a panel organized by the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade (Kraljice Natalije 45). The panel, starting at 11.00, deals with the institutional paradigm according to which doing philosophy means creating certain kinds of theoretical texts. Stefano's recently published science-fiction novella The Clouds will function as the background over which the author illustrates a hybrid use of text using the expressive qualities of fiction, theory and meta-commentary.

>> APRIL 19: In the afternoon, Costantino will present a ludomusicology paper at the Music Beyond the Concert Hall event, an international conference that aims to explore music as a practice that is created and presented not only in public concerts, but in a variety of other forms and venues.

If you also happen to be in Belgrade, come and say hi! :)