May 31, 2017

Playfields workshop - #GoGoTal-Qroqq

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Join us for a playtest of the Playfields app, and for a discussion of play and digital game tools in social research.

Playfields is a digital tool for playful fieldwork – an app for encountering surprise and challenging traditional ways of doing field research. Currently developed as a proof of concept, it brings together creative maps, mobile methods, team work and challenges in a digital interface. It has been created for interdisciplinary settings, and has already been used in fieldcourses all over Europe.

We’ll be introducing key ideas behind the project, before trialling out the app on campus: in teams, you will be creating ‘situations’ for others and record your experiences. We will end with a feedback and discussion session.

The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in creative methods, games, exploration, interdisciplinarity and team work.

Provisional Timings:
13h00 - 14h00: Introduction to the project and the app
14h00 - 15h00: Playful exploration of Tal-Qroqq campus
15h00 - 16h00: Discussion of team experiences and results

Playfields is an 18-month ERC funded project led by The University of Warwick, UK, which aims to create a prototype mobile app for playful fieldwork. It draws on the insights and outcomes of two related projects. The Charting the Digital project (funded by ERC, 2011-2016) investigated new theories, media and practices of digital cartography pointing towards the potential of digital maps in understanding and performing environments in new ways. The Go Go Gozo project (funded by Erasmus+, 2014-2017) focuses on the relationship between mobile methods and playful research in the field, and applies these approaches in a multidisciplinary and international student field course. In order to develop these ideas and to make them available to others, we are now creating the Playfields app as a proof of concept. The playtesting of this prototype is also co-funded by a proof of concept award of Warwick Ventures.

The Playfields project team are: Sybille Lammes (Principle Investigator), Jonathan Dunn (Developer), Jana Wendler (Designer), Sam Hind, Clancy Wilmott & Alex Gekker (Research Team)

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