April 26, 2017

Interdisciplinary Challenges for Game Studies in Copenhagen

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On Wednesday 3 May the IDG members made a joint appearance at the IT University of Copenhagen, where they participated in a series of talks on the Interdisciplinary Challenges for Game Studies.

The afternoon included four talks on diverse topics:

  • Antonios Liapis discussed issues of human and computer creativity and how the latter can enhance the former in game design tasks.
  • Olli Tapio Leno from the School of Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong) discussed under which conditions allow viewers to related to, understand and appreciate games played by other people.
  • Stefano Gualeni argued that thought experiments can be framed as interactive virtual experiences, discussing a new example of his own: a soon-to-be-released, philosophical videogame about soup.
  • Daniel Vella looked at Dark Souls in the context of the literary tradition of Romanticism, and how this game foregrounds alienation and exile similarly to Romantic poetry.

Details of the talks can be found at the ITU event page.