August 2, 2022

IDG Faculty Members and Researchers at DiGRA 2022

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Earlier last month, IDG – Institute of Digital Games members participated in DiGRA 2022, the annual international conference of the Digital Games Research Association. This year's edition of the conference - the first after a two-year pause due to the pandemic - was held in Kraków, Poland, between the 6th and the 11th July.

Dr. Daniel Vella chaired a full-day workshop with the title "The State of the Avatar," co-organised with Dr. Ea Christina Willumsen, which brought together scholars working on a range of approaches to studying avatars and player-characters. Current M.Sc. in Digital Games student Robin Longobardi Zingarelli also delivered a presentation within the workshop.

Prof. Gordon Calleja delivered two presentations, one on the topic of immersion in board games, and the other exploring the impact of the Kickstarter crowdfunding model on board game design.

Dr. Nele van de Mosselaer (University of Antwerp) presented research developed with Prof. Stefano Gualeni from the IDG, on the idea of the implied designer in digital games.

Finally, IDG doctoral alumnus Dr. Renata Ntelia was also present, giving a presentation on the ethics and challenges of using games to treat sensitive themes and topics.

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