November 15, 2018

Games University: Lil’ Arena Tournament at the Institute of Digital Games

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Welcome to the Afterlife hosted at The Institute of Digital Games (IDG) where the 1st Lil’ Arena tournament in Malta will be hosted on Thursday, 22nd November starting at 17h30. Prove you are the best Lil’ player in Malta and walk away with the famous Lil’ ears and the glory. All of the glory.

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Yes, those ears could be yours! (The cat ones, not the human ones).

Institute of Digital Games Student Lead Designer

Lil’ Arena has recently launched on Steam by one of the IDG’s students, Konstantinos Vassileidis, who founded his own studio, Tall Guy Productions, and is also the lead designer of the game. Konstantinos will share the wisdom gained through suffering the production process before kicking off the tournament. He will present an overview of the process of creating the game in your own studio from concept to launch.

Screenshot of the Gameplay

More Gameplay

Game Design Malta

The game was developed with support by the Arts Council Malta as it won the competition Malta Game Fund and is an example of how government funding can successfully support small independent developers and contribute to the development of the local video game industry.

Game development Skills

Programming, narrative, music, art, and much more blend together in video games to create an interactive experience. Game development has a very low barrier to entry and anyone can start their own studio with no more than a computer. If you want to give it a shot try to join one of the Malta Global Game Jam organised by the Institute of Digital Games, as it is a great taste of the game development and a fun social experience.

School for games

Think you can handle the lecturers, students, and alumni of the institute fully dedicated to digital games? Come and prove it by registering for the tournament.

You should probably practice first though, so download the game for FREE from Steam and hone your skills before the final battle.

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