February 8, 2019

Game Seminar Series - Ubisoft 10 Years Later - A Candid Snapshot by Coline Pannier

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The Institute of Digital Games is thrilled to have Coline Pannier speaking as part of our Game Seminar Series. She will be presenting Ubisoft 10 Years Later - A Candid Snapshot.

Game Development: An Inside Peek into the Evolution of Ubisoft Europe

In 2008, Coline entered Ubisoft as a graduate student and discovered with avid curiosity the world of game production. 10 years later, after many adventures in and out of videogames, she once more treads the floor of Ubisoft HQ for a freelance mission, full of memories of what the company once was.

A lot has changed since the old days and from the dissonant noise of her outdated knowledge, she picked up the echo of an emerging world.

From Game producer to Entrepreneur to Lecturer – Who is Coline?

Coline is a game producer, entrepreneur and lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She teaches game design at this school in Netherlands as part of their ICT- Game Development Bachelor course. She helped create the international training Academies at Ubisoft. After moving to Amsterdam, she worked in mobile game development and co-founded inaloop games, a start-up exploring circular business models for board games.

Passionate about creative collaboration and designing for the greater good, she is also consulting on team organisation and design thinking, spreading the passionate spirit of game development all around the world.

We welcome her back and you get a chance to attend her talk if you missed her other talks "Designing for Systemic Change" and "Better Living through Game Design".

The Game Seminar Series: All facets of digital games

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