July 14, 2020

Game Research and Education: Bridging the Virtual with Real World Application

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Join Prof. Stefano Gualeni and Dr. Iro Voulgari in a Commonwealth of Learning and Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning webinar where we will discuss the impact of games beyond entertainment and also how games can specifically be leveraged as tools for education.

The Potential of Games as Educational Tools

Research into games and education has increasingly shown enormous potential for games to be used as educational tools. While ’gamification’ the application of competitive or strategic elements central to game design integrated into non-game contexts – is perhaps the most well-known educational tool, games offer a variety of distinguishing features that can support learning. Features such as interactivity, immersion in virtual worlds, shifting of point of view, and using storytelling and narrative are just some of the ways that games can be used to engage students beyond a simple reward system. In this session, join Prof. Stefano Gualeni, Associate Professor and Dr Ior Voulgari, Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Malta to learn about and discuss the topic of “Game Research and Education.” Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of the merits of using games to enhance learning, along with approaches to design and pedagogy that can enhance the learning experience, including the acquisition of competencies and retention, the latter of which is an increasingly important element as participation rates in online learning grow.

Watch the Webinar on Games and Education