April 12, 2019

Game Philosophy talk at 'Games Beyond Games'

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On april the 12th, Prof. Stefano Gualeni gave a talk in Turin (Italy) as part of the 'Game Beyond Games' event.
Game Beyond Games included a free 3-hour mini-conference about how games combine and promote culture in a variety of surprising ways.

Prof. Gualeni's talk focused on the fact that the history of Western thought is, ultimately, the history of written thought. Today, he claimed, the cultural and technological hegemony of language is challenged by the diffusion of virtual worlds and virtual experiences; the latter give rise to new expressive possibilities and challenge us with new, interesting problems. The talk was an overview of his recent work combining game philosophy and 'doing' philosophy with and within interactive, digital, and possibly playful environments.

These topics are also an important part of the Game Design course he teaches yearly at the Institute of Digital Games.