January 18, 2018

CANCELLED - Game Lecture - Susan Gold - 5th February

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NOTE: This lecture has been canceled as Prof. Susan Gold is unable to travel at the moment. Stay tuned for more Game Lectures coming up and we hope to welcome her once again sometime in the future.

Susan Gold - 5th February 2018 - 18h00 @ Institute of Digital Games

Creativity, can we bottle it? Why game jams and hackathons are a good place to look for the magic.

The lecture will be prefaced with a discussion with the Malta Game Jam participants: https://www.facebook.com/events/413368555765197/

About Susan Gold:

Susan Gold joined the faculty of Northeastern University in September of 2013 as Professor of the Practice and Associate Director of Games. A veteran and leader of the industry, Susan is responsible for developing new degree curricula and creating key partnerships within the video game industry for the growing interdisciplinary program.

Prof. Gold's personal focus is on collaboration, which resulted in the Annual Global Game Jam (GGJ), an experiment in creativity and innovation in game development. The GGJ has grown and so has Susan's interest in community based projects that bring together the most creative minds. Innovation through collaboration is her mantra. Susan's frequent conference talks and consistent outreach efforts has extended the GGJ's broad reach and appeal while also sharing ideas about Game Education, STEaM and Collaboration around the world. Ms. Gold develops tools & resources for educator professional development and hopes to bring the lessons of game development to many areas of innovation.

Having served as an advisor to OSTP in the Obama White House, Susan was an active member in the Federal Games Guild, facilitating education, opportunities, and growing influence and networks for the group. Susan put together the 1st public meeting of the Guild at the 2012 Games for Change Festival in NYC, designed to network game developers and researchers interested in working with US Federal Agencies. Susan continues to work on projects with various agencies and OSTP that helps position video games as a tool that will change the world for the better.

Susan is an artist, teacher, and activist with a specialization in digital art, new media and videogames. Her experience is widely sought and she sits on numerous advisory boards throughout education and indie game development. Susan got her start and organizational skills as a community activist in Chicago. Her artwork and writing has been featured in numerous galleries, museums and publications.