August 31, 2018

Game design and research by University of Malta at Science in the City

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The Institute of Digital Games (IDG) will be showcasing game design and research at their stand during Science and the City on the Friday, 28th September 2018 starting 18h00 in Valletta near Pjazza Regina and under the arches (Digital area).

Video Game Design Showcase

At our stand the public will have the opportunity to try out MAZING a game designed by PhD student David Melhart that he is using in his research to model frustration in agents. If you want we can track your scores and post the highest at the end of the night.

Learn about eCrisis, the IDG’s project on using games to foster social inclusion in school children and see the games they use for the project: Iconoscope and Village Voices. Village Voices even won best Learning Game in the Serious Game Awards in 2013. It’s a networked game though, so unfortunately we won’t be able to showcase that.

Ask about Auto Semantic Game, a research project by Dr Owen Sacco with the aim of using semantic data available online to create game objects.

Game Designer Requirements

Learn what the game design course at the Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta can offer you by speaking to the staff and researchers. Game design software, game design tutorials, and game design websites can help you before you embark on your MSc in Digital Games. Speak to the people at the stand and find out what they would recommend you focus on to make sure you can get the most out of the course.

Science in the City is a public event. Please be informed that photos will be taken during such event, for our historical records and archival purposes and to promote the University and the Science in the City initiative. These photos may be published on the University's web and Facebook pages, as well as on Science in the City's web, Facebook and Twitter pages. In the event of queries or concerns relating to the publication of such images, kindly contact or the University's Data Protection Officer at

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