February 25, 2017

CHI case study on Board Game Prototyping

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We are happy to announce that a Case Study was accepted to CHI 2017, co-authored by IDG staff Antonios Liapis. The paper, titled "Board Game Prototyping to Co-Design a Better Location-Based Digital Game", discusses the rationale and process of iteratively prototyping the game elements and content of a location-based application in paper, through board game playtests. The end goal of the application is to motivate reflection on historical topics about migration, and is funded by the CrossCult European project undertaken by 11 institutions including the Institute of Digital Games. The board game serves to capture the core concerns of this application by simulating movement through the city on paper via dice rolling. Based on three iterations of design and playtest, feedback from expert testers helped to reduce development effort and allows the future technology prototype to closer match the needs of end users.